Improving Our Schools


For many years, Assembly Democrats have been fighting hard to improve our schools and to provide our teachers the resources essential to help every student succeed. During the 2015 legislative session, we published our plan to do so. We are proud that a number of these were enacted, but we know we must continue our efforts.

We achieved—

  • Increased funding for our schools, made possible by a common sense, bipartisan revenue plan. This includes funding for full-day kindergarten, early education, and programs to help at-risk, gifted, and ELL students.
  • New professional development opportunities to provide our teachers with the resources and tools they need for the very best classroom instruction.
  • Scholarships for prospective teachers and incentives for teachers in at-risk schools.

Our priorities moving forward—

  • To help our schools hire more qualified teachers at a time when there is a severe nationwide shortage.
  • Continue efforts to reduce school and classroom overcrowding.
  • Continue efforts to enhance accountability and a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to achieve their very best.



In 2015, we significantly increased funding for higher education throughout Nevada, and we approved funding for a medical school at UNLV and graduate medical education in an effort to help alleviate our doctor shortage.

With our successful efforts in economic diversification that are bringing new industries and jobs to our state, it is critical that we continue to improve our colleges, universities, and job training programs.

Among our priorities—

  • Enabling more students to be able to afford college by reducing student debt, providing tax breaks for education expenses and making it easier to save for college.
  • Providing Community College Workforce Grants.
  • Providing apprenticeships for vocational training.


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